How to Make a Wii Classic Controller Work

by Spanner Spencer

The Wii, a video game console designed and manufactured by Nintendo, has been popularized due to its use of motion-sensitive controllers. Some games -- particularly those downloaded from Nintendo's online Virtual Console store -- require more traditional controllers featuring joysticks and buttons. The Wii Classic Controller provides this traditional style of joypad for compatible games by connecting to the Wii Remote controller.

Step 1

Plug the cable from the Classic Controller into the connector on the bottom of the Wii Remote.

Step 2

Set the Wii Remote down in a convenient location so you can hold and use the Classic Controller freely without the cable pulling tight.

Step 3

Turn the Wii console on and load the Classic Controller-compatible game by either inserting the disk into the Wii or selecting the downloaded game from the Wii's home screen. Compatible games will automatically detect that a Classic Controller is in use.

Use the Classic Controller's joysticks and buttons to control the game, per the game's instructions.


  • Pass the Wii Remote wrist strap's string through the Classic Controller's connector casing for a more secure connection between the plug and socket.
  • Classic Controller-compatible games are identified on the Virtual Console listing or on the retail box by a standardized symbol in the shape of the controller.


  • The Wii Remote provides a wireless link between the console and the Classic Controller. Therefore, the Wii Remote must be in wireless range of the console for the Classic Controller to work properly.

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