How to Make a Website Untraceable to You

By James Johnson

Many Internet users consider anonymity a right that is violated when companies track their IP addresses and the sites they visit. If you're adamant about protecting your identity online, there are several ways you can make a website untraceable to you.

Protect Yourself Using Proxy Sites And Software

Step 1

Protect yourself using proxy sites. Visit the Proxy Organization's website to find a list of proxy websites (see Resources). Enter the URL you want to visit and press the "Go" or "Submit" button on the proxy site. Each time you visit a website, go back to the proxy page and enter the site's URL to remain anonymous.

Step 2

Join a proxy network for constant protection without having to enter your URL requests every time you visit a new site. Popular proxy networks include: Freenet, I2P, JAP and TOR. You may be asked to "Share your bandwidth" with these networks as they work off of peer-to-peer architectures. Be aware that your personal security may be compromised if you use an untrustworthy proxy network.

Step 3

Download proxy software, such as Proxy Way, to ensure full anonymity. Most free proxy software simply provides an interface to navigate you to a website anonymously. However, programs such as Proxy Way continue to run in the background for additional protection and ease of use.

Use proxy sites, network and software in tandem for a higher level of protection. For instance, attach yourself to a proxy network and use a proxy website to ensure added security.