How to Make a Website on MSN

by Joanne Mendes

MSN allows users to create a free website that they can share with family and friends. The website is easy to create using MSN's templates for creating various website sections, such as photo albums, personal information, blogs and favorite lists. Making a website on MSN only takes minutes using a few simple steps.

Open a browser and go to MSN Spaces at

Click "Sign in to Windows Live" and log in using your Windows Live ID. If you don't have a Windows Live ID account, click "Sign Up."

Click "Create Your Space."

Create a unique web address for your website by clicking "Choose Web Address." Type in a name for your website in the title field and click "Check Availability" or choose one of the address options offered by MSN. Click "Save" when you have decided on a web address. Remember that once you save an address, it cannot be changed.

Click "Edit Profile" to add personal information to your website, such as contact, education, work and social networking information. Click "Edit" in the Picture section to upload a photograph of yourself. Click "Save" after you fill out each section. Return to the home page by clicking your name at the top of the screen and choosing "Space."

Upload photographs to your website by clicking "Share Photos." Click "Add Photos" and choose "New Album." Type in a title for the album and select the security level: public, network only, just me or select people. Click "Next." Click "Browse" to find photos on your computer and click "Upload." Return to the home page by clicking your name at the top of the screen and choosing "Space."

Click "Add Blog Entry" to add a blog to your website. Type the blog using the blog template. Click "Publish Entry" to add the blog to your website.

Click "Add a List" to add a list of your favorite books, films or music to your website. Click on a list type and type in the list information. Click "Save" to publish the list to your website.

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