How to Make a Website With a Login

by Louise Balle

If you want to require your users to login to view your website content, you can do so using a membership management services tool or software. These services also allow you to manage your members and their information (including usernames, email addresses and IP addresses). You can also accept online payments from your members using some of these tools.

Sign up for an account with CoffeeCup, an online website management service that sells software you need to create a dynamic website. Purchase the Website Access Manager program (see Resources for exact link). This software integrates with your web server and allows you to set up protected pages throughout the website using .htaccess files. Key features include spammer blocking, unlimited membership and a quick email sender. Add the web pages that you want to protect (such as the homepage or a content page) to the software settings, and your users will see a login screen each time they visit.

Subscribe to AuthPro's website membership service (see References). Manage your account online rather than with standalone software when you use this service. After entering your initial settings, the system gives you a page protection code that you must add to the HTML file for each web page that you want to protect. It has a number of useful features, including unlimited membership and the capability to monitor and place limitations on the IP addresses that connect to your website. You have to renew the subscription each year or pay a monthly fee to keep the membership management tool active---use the free version first if you want to get the hang of the tool.

Use Sentry's membership management tool as another alternative (see References). Like Authpro, this is a web-based tool. You must go through an initial setup wizard to integrate the service with your website, customize the account to your needs and then manage your members from your online account. Features include online payment integration, various access levels for members (such as a moderator, administrator or general user) and the capability to accommodate an unlimited number of members. This service requires a monthly fee to stay active.

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