How to Make a Website for Free in Hotmail

By Matthew Schieltz

A free website in Hotmail gives you the chance to let other people know who you are and customize your own personal space. Whether you want to make friends, stay in touch with family, or even promote your business activities, the Hotmail and Windows Live "Spaces" allows you to add photos, music, blogs, and other customizable content to suit your needs.

Setting Up

Step 1

Go to and sign in with your Windows Live ID and password. Click the "More" drop-down menu at the top of your Hotmail account. Click "Spaces."

Step 2

Click "Create your space" to get started with making a free website.

Step 3

Click the "Choose web address" icon. Type the website address you want to have and click "Check availability" to see if the address has been taken. Click the "Save" button when you have found an available sub-domain name for your free Hotmail website.

Step 4

Click "customize your space" to begin editing your free website. Select the "Modules" option from the "Customize" box. Click once on each of the module names (e.g. Guestbook, Radio, Weather, etc.) to either make it visible or remove it from your site.

Step 5

Choose the theme you want your website to display. Click "Themes" from the "Customize" box. Click once on a theme to add it to your website. Change your website's theme in this manner anytime you want to change it.

Step 6

Select the layout for your website. Choose the "Layout" option from the "Customize" box. Click your desired layout-type to change where and how the modules appear on your site.

Click the "Advanced" option in the "Customize" box. Change default settings such as font and link colors, font type and size, and background colors and images. Click each section in the "Advanced" box to change these settings for your site. Click the "Save" button in the top right-hand corner of the "Customize" box to save your settings.

Editing your Site

Step 1

Click "Edit" in the "Title and tagline" box. Type the name for your site's title. Choose your site title's color, font, and alignment options. Repeat this process for the tagline of your site, or leave the tagline section empty if you don't want a sub-heading that appears below the title. Click "Save" when finished.

Step 2

Add a blog to your site. Click the "Add blog entry" to customize your blog. Type in the title for your blog entry and select the appropriate category. Add text, photos, and/or videos in the blog entry box. Click "Publish Entry" at the top of the page when finished.

Step 3

Click the "Share Photos" button to add pictures to your free site. Click "Create Album" to name your photo album and upload photos from your computer.

Step 4

Add custom lists to your site of your favorite Internet sites, movies, books, music, or other preferences. Click the "Add a list" button to edit your list. Type a name and description for your list. Click "Save." Type in each list item and click "Next." Add a description for each list item to inform your site visitors of what your list is about.

Edit your profile to add important information that you would like to share with others. Click "Edit profile." Click each of the profile sections, such as Work Info, Education, and About to modify its contents. Click "Save" in each section when finished.