How to Make a Website for Employees

By Crystal Bonser

Boost morale with an employee website.
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An employee website can strengthen the bond between employees by making them feel that they are part of a community. It can also serve to introduce new staff to the company, provide existing employees with updated company information and can serve as an online community for socializing among workers.

Step 1

Create a website. You can either hire a professional, create one from scratch or build one using the website builder offered through many website hosts.

Step 2

Use the home page to explain the purpose of the website. Consider including a picture of the employee-of-the-month, or a monthly sales ticker or fundraiser meter.

Step 3

Add a page for new employees. This page should welcome new employees and inform them of any important information they should know, such as company policies and uniform ordering procedures.

Step 4

Add a company history page. Use this page to tell your staff about the founders of the company and where how, when, and why it was created. You could also include some fun facts related to the company. Images are always useful in maintaining interest on a website, so make sure to use them.

Step 5

Add an owner and manager biography page. This is a great way for employees to feel more connected to their superiors. The bios should include personal and professional information. To make employees feel more at ease with their superiors, add pictures of owners and managers in their everyday life, such a picture of the owner with his dog.

Step 6

Add a calender of events to keep employees up-to-date on events the company is involved in and employees can participate in. Calender services are offered through many website hosts. Alternatively, you can register for a remotely hosted calender service.

Step 7

Add a message board. Not only does this feature allow staff to communicate with each other, but owners and managers can create a section on the board dedicated to informing employees of any important notices. This feature can also boost workplace morale, allowing staff to interact more often. This is another service offered through many website hosts and remotely hosted service providers.

Step 8

Password protect the website to avoid non-employees from accessing the pages. Websites that offer password protection services are, and