How to Make a Website Anonymous

By Keith Perry

Host your website in another country for additional privacy.
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Hosting a website that is anonymous may be needed for various reasons. Posting of views that differ with an employer, government agency or your neighborhood are just some of the reasons for an anonymous website. Steps can be taken for setting up the website and updating content to maintain a layer of anonymity. Many owners of websites that are considered anonymous provide clues online or in real life that reveal the owner of the website.

Register the domain name for your website through a private domain registration service. A link to one such service is located in the resource section of this article. Private registration conceals the owner's name and contact information when the domain name is queried.

Purchase web hosting services from a vendor that provides anonymous web hosting. A link to a anonymous hosting provider is located in the resources section of this article.

Create the content for your website on your laptop. Review the content and remove any information that provides clues to your ownership of the website.

Review objects such as Microsoft Office files or images for meta data that may expose information revealing your identity. A link is provided in the resources section of this article for a website to check for meta data in multiple file types.

Obtain a wireless Internet connection using your laptop at a public location like a library or fast-food restaurant. Log into your website and upload the content to your website.