How to Make a Website in Adobe InDesign

by Aubrey Kerr

If you're accustomed to doing page layouts in Adobe InDesign you may be surprised to learn there's an export option that allows you to publish your designs to the Web. You can also export InDesign layouts to Dreamweaver or Flash to format and tweak for the Web. The easiest method is to export your design to XHTML. Design elements will then be converted to XHTML that can be opened in Dreamweaver or any HTML editor that uses CSS.

Design your website in Adobe InDesign. Create your layout using text, colors and graphics. Save the hyperlinks for after the document has been exported because some hyperlinks won't export.

Make sure your design falls within the boundaries of the page. Any objects on the pasteboard won't be exported to the final website.

Select only certain elements of the page to export, if you only want a partial export. Otherwise all the design elements on the page will be exported.

Go to "File" then "Export For" then "Dreamweaver."

Browse to the folder where you'd like to save your exported document. You can create a new folder by clicking the plus sign or "New Folder" button in the dialog box. Click "Save."

Specify the export options in the XHTML Export Options box. You can change the order of your page objects, change the format of your images or stick with the default settings.

Click "Export" and wait for the files to be produced in the folder you selected. You can then open the XHTML file in Dreamweaver or any HTML editor to add hyperlinks.

Upload the website and images to your Web server according to the instructions provided by your host.


  • check You can set advanced CSS options and JavaScript options during the export process if you are comfortable working with code and you would like more control over the look of your finished website.


  • close Table formatting and drawn objects like polygons won't be exported. Objects that are pasted and text that's converted to outlines also won't export. Add these elements in Dreamweaver or Flash, if desired.

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