How to Make a WAV File Smaller

By Quinten Plummer

The Waveform Audio (WAV) format packages audio streams into files without compressing them, allowing you to retain much of the audio stream's original sound quality. But because WAV files generally don't incorporate compression, the files are rather large when compared to audio formats that use compression. And because of their large sizes, WAV file aren't as easy to transport as formats that use compression, like MPEG Layer 3 (MP3) and Window Media Audio (WMA). But with the help of some free utilities, you can make your WAV files smaller and easier to manage.

Onda Lossless Audio Compressor

Step 1

Download a free copy of the Onda Lossless Audio Compressor to compact your WAV files (see Resources). Unzip the program and then launch it.

Step 2

Click on the "Browse" button adjacent to the "Input file or directory" heading to locate your WAV file. Click on the "Browse" button adjacent to the "Output directory" heading to select a location to store your compressed WAV.

Click "Compress" to begin compacting your WAV file.

Monkey's Audio

Step 1

Use Monkey's Audio to compress your WAV files into APE format for archiving. You can decompress the APE file at any time to access the original WAV file. Download and install a free copy of the program (see Resources).

Step 2

Launch the program and then open the folder containing your WAV files. Drag and drop the files into the "File Name" heading.

Step 3

Click on the "Mode" heading, navigate down to the "Compression" heading in the Mode menu, and then select a compress level, such as "High" or "Normal," from the Compression sub-menu.

Click on the "Compress" option in the main menu. The compressed files will be stored in the same folder as the original files.

WAV to MP3 Encoder

Step 1

Convert and compress your WAV file(s) into MP3 using WAV to MP3 Encoder (see Resources). Download a free copy of the program, install it and then launch it.

Step 2

Drag and drop your WAV files into the field below the "Name" heading in WAV to MP3 Encoder.

Click on the "Encode" button. Use the file explorer window that appears to select location to store the converted files. Click "OK" to begin encoding the files.