How to Make a Video CD That Will Work in a DVD Player

by Terry Parker
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Many CD and DVD burning applications will allow you to create video CDs, or “VCDs.” A video CD is a CD that contains a movie. Many, but not all, DVD players will play VCDs. Before creating video CDs to play on a particular DVD player, check the specifications for your DVD player to ensure that your DVD player will play VCD disks. If the DVD player plays video CDs, use a standard CD/DVD burning tool, such as Nero or Roxio, to create a VCD.

Step 1

Open the CD/DVD burning software and select the “CD” option to burn a CD. Select the “Video” option.

Step 2

Click the “Video CD” or “Super Video CD” option.

Step 3

Insert a blank CD into the CD/DVD burner.

Drag the video files into the compilation window and click the “Burn” button. The VCD is created.


  • Note that for video files that are longer than 76 minutes, two CDs will be required. The burning software will prompt you to insert the second disk, when required.

Items you will need

  • Video file
  • One or more blank CDs
  • Burning software installed

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