How to Make Unity Web Players Work on Windows

by Chris Hoffman

Unity Web Player is a Web browser plug-in that renders browser games in full 3-D. Games written with the Unity engine can be played inside a Web browser window like Flash browser games, but have access to your computer’s graphics hardware for accelerated 3-D support. You can play Unity games embedded on Web pages without installing the game itself, just like with Flash games. The Unity Web Player plug-in is available for free from the Unity website.


Open the Unity Web Player page at in your Web browser.


Click the “Download” button on the Web page and save the “UnityWebPlayer.exe” file to your computer.


Start the Unity Web Player installer by double-clicking the downloaded “UnityWebPlayer.exe” file on your computer and clicking “Run.” The Unity Web Player installer installs the plug-in automatically.


Click “Finish” after the Unity Web Player installer finishes.


Navigate to a Web page with a game that requires Unity Web Player. The game automatically downloads and plays inside your Web browser.


  • check Close all open Web browser windows and reopen your Web browser after installing Unity Web Player if it doesn’t work immediately.
  • check The Unity Web Player renders games in 3-D using your graphics card. If you experience problems with 3-D games, try downloading and installing the latest graphics drivers from, or, depending on the graphics hardware in your computer. You can also find graphics drivers on your computer manufacturer’s website.

About the Author

Chris Hoffman is a technology writer and all-around tech geek who writes for PC World, MakeUseOf, and How-To Geek. He's been using Windows since Windows 3.1 was released in 1992.