How to Make a Twitter Account for Business

by Michelle Castle

Businesses are increasingly using Twitter to communicate with customers. Creating an account is simple, but deciding on a style of account is an important marketing decision. Companies can use Twitter to post official announcements and information. However, accounts that strictly post company information may be of limited interest to customers. Incorporating a personal or entertaining voice, linking to information of interest to your readers and rewarding followers with discounts can help build and maintain your Twitter account.


Decide the style of business Twitter account you want to have. Some businesses use Twitter to broadcast official company news and policy, while other businesses use Twitter to connect with customers in a more personal way or provide links to useful industry developments.


Visit Twitter's website at to create an account for your business. Click the yellow "Sign Up" button.


Complete the sign up form, including choosing a username for your company's account. Choose a username that reflects the goals of your Twitter account. For example, Geico and Aflac have Twitter accounts for their mascots, the Geoci Gecko (@TheGEICOGecko) and the Aflac duck (@aflacduck). These accounts reinforce the companies' brands while sharing company news in an entertaining way.


Verify your email address to complete your account creation. Open the email Twitter sends you and click the confirmation link.


Log into your Twitter account to begin posting Tweets, responding to messages and building a list of followers. Experiment with ways to use Twitter beyond posting company announcements. Use Twitter to monitor and respond to complaints about your company, keep up with industry trends, and reward and engage customers.

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