How to Make My TV Wi-Fi for Netflix

by Tiffany Garden

If your television is compatible with a wireless networking adapter or comes with a wireless card, you can watch streaming videos from Netflix without physically connecting the TV to a wired Internet connection. Your television must also be compatible with streaming media and have a Web browser or a Netflix-specific application so you can load and view your programming choices.

Step 1

Check your television manufacturer's website for accessory compatibility. If your TV supports wired networks but does not have wireless built-in, the manufacturer may support a wireless Internet dongle for your television.

Step 2

Purchase a compatible wireless network dongle for your television or use a wireless-enabled device such as a video game console with your television. Connect to your wireless network using the network name and password to add your device to the network.

Step 3

Press the “Application” or “Internet” button on your remote control if your TV is connected directly to the wireless network, or switch to your video game console if you are connecting to the network through the console. Load the Netflix application.

Use your Netflix username and password to log in to your account. Go to your computer after the Netflix authentication code displays on your television screen and log in to Netflix on the computer. Enter the code displayed on your television and click "Activate."


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