How to Make Tri-Fold Flyers With a Free Template

by Michelle Castle

There are many free templates available on the Internet that simplify the process of making tri-fold flyers and brochures. These templates are created for use in programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher and Adobe InDesign. You can download free templates from the resource sections on the website for the software you're using. After downloading the template, you can insert your text, logo and images into the template to make a tri-fold flyer. Your brochure will not be an entirely custom piece, but it will be faster, easier and less expensive than designing one from scratch.

Visit the website of the software program you plan to use to create your tri-fold flyer.

Navigate to the resource section where free templates are offered for download.

Download the free template of your choice.

Open the template.

Select the type tool from the tools' palette if you are using Adobe InDesign or another graphic design program. The type tool's icon is usually a capital T. This step is not required in some word processing software such as Microsoft Word or in Microsoft Publisher.

Highlight the sample brochure title on the brochure's cover page, and type or paste text that meets your needs.

Continue replacing the template's sample text with text appropriate for your flyer. Replace all of the titles and subtitles, body text and contact information included on the flyer.

Click on an image in the template that you would like to change. Replace the image. If you are using Microsoft Office 2007, click "Change Picture" in the Picture Tools menu. Find the picture you wish to use, and double-click it. If you are using Microsoft Publisher 2003, right-click on the picture, point to "Change Picture" in the menu that opens, and click on "From file." Find the picture you wish to use, and double-click it. If you are using Adobe InDesign, click "Place" in the File menu. Find the picture you wish to use, click it, and click the "Replace Selected Image" button.

Continue replacing images in the flyer template until you are satisfied with the result.

Print and fold your tri-fold flyer.


  • check The website of the software program you are using to create your tri-fold flyer is the best place to look for free templates, but it is not the only website where free templates are available. Companies that sell printers, paper or brochures may have free templates. For instance, HP offers free brochure templates via their online Creative Studio.


  • close Only download templates from websites you trust. A virus or other malicious computer program could be embedded in the template you download from an untrustworthy website.

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