How to Make iPod Touch Work With Verizon Wireless

By Qyou Stoval

Make iPod Touch Work With Verizon Wireless
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Apple manufactured the iPod Touch to operate similarly to an iPhone for those who either could not get the iPhone through AT&T or chose to remain with their current wireless provider. An iPod Touch can work on the Verizon wireless network, but not through ordering a data plan for the Touch. If you have a Verizon phone that operates as a mobile hotspot or a MiFi device, then you can use Verizon's network the iPod Touch can access.

Verify if you have a mobile device that can emit a Wi-Fi signal or purchase a MiFi unit from Verizon. A mobile hotspot device acts as a wireless router and emits a signal where other devices access the Internet (usually up to five). For example the Palm Pixi Plus by Verizon has a mobile hotspot feature. The MiFi stand-alone device offered by Verizon that lets you emit a wireless signal for other devices to connect to as well.

Contact Verizon to add the mobile hotspot feature and pricing to your rate plan. Some devices do not charge for the mobile hotspot feature (Palm Pixi Plus). However, there may be a monthly fee to use the mobile hotspot service. The number of gigabytes that will be used each month may determine your monthly cost.

Access the mobile hotspot by clicking on the application within your phone. Create a name for your network and create a password that only you can remember and can issue to those who will access your wireless network.

Tap the "Settings" menu on the iPod Touch and navigate to WiFi. WiFi which should indicate it is a "On." Turn on WiFi. The iPod touch will look for any available wireless network. Use the touchpad to tap on the newly created wireless network you created. Type in the password to access the network and the iPod touch will access the Internet through your mobile hotspot.