How to Make Thumbnails of a .JPG

By Mark Robinson

Most thumbnails are usually 100 x 100 pixels in height and width.
i Dynamic Graphics Group/Dynamic Graphics Group/Getty Images

If you have large images on your website that you want to preview, you will need to create thumbnails of those images. These small preview images allow users to quickly find the images they want to view without waiting on full-sized versions to load each and every time. Most thumbnails are made of .JPG images, a common format among images on the Internet. Creating .JPG thumbnails is a straightforward task that should only take minutes to complete with any image-editing software.

Open the image editing program of your choice on your computer. Locate and load the .JPG file you want to make a thumbnail of on the image editing program.

Resize the image by using the program's image-size adjustment feature. Most thumbnails are under 100 pixels in both width and height. To avoid distorting the image, select the "constrain proportions" option in the resizing dialog box or menu.

Save the new .JPG thumbnail to your computer. Use the "Save As" feature and rename the thumbnail to differentiate it from the original .JPG image.