How to Make Three-Dimensional Cylinders in Photoshop (4 Steps)

By Nicole Hamilton

Generate a realistic 3D cylinder in Photoshop.
i Hemera Technologies/ Images

Photoshop Extended has 3D rendering and editing options that are not available in the standard version of the program. Cylinders are one of the preset 3D shapes available in Photoshop Extended. When you choose to create a new 3D shape, the program can automatically transform image layers into 3D cylinders. The cylinder will initially appear to be a 3D column. To change the angle and view the top or bottom of the cylinder, you need to use the “3D Rotate” tool.

Step 1

Choose “File,” “Open” and pick a file from the list. Alternatively, make a new file by choosing “File,” “New.” Set the document size and resolution, and then click “OK.”

Step 2

Click on the layer you will convert to a 3D shape. The layer can contain an image, solid color or a gradient.

Step 3

Go to “3D,” “New Shape from Layer” and choose “Cylinder” from the list. It may take a few moments for the command to process.

Step 4

Select the “3D Rotate” tool from the Tools panel, then click and drag to rotate the cylinder.