How to Make Sure Your iPhone Alarm Will Go off

By Shawn Farner

Turn an alarm on or off simply by tapping the toggle.
i Image courtesy of Apple.

When you have somewhere important you to need to be at a certain time, one way to make sure you get there is to set an alarm on your iPhone. When the iPhone's clock reaches the time you've set on your alarm, an audible sound comes out of the iPhone and continues to play until you dismiss it. If you want to make sure that your iPhone alarm goes go off when you need it to, it's a good idea to double-check its settings.

Step 1

Open the Clock app on your iPhone.

Step 2

Tap the "Alarm" tab to open the alarm settings screen.

Step 3

Tap the "On/Off" switch next to your alarm to turn it on. If the alarm is off, it won't alert you at the designated time. The alarm switch should be set to "On" so the alarm functions properly.

Step 4

Fix the time for your alarm if it's incorrect by tapping the "Edit" button and then tapping on the alarm. On this screen, set the correct time for the alarm by dragging the dials with your finger. When you're finished, tap the "Save" button.