How to Make Submittable PDF Forms

by Chris Vladimeru

In the age of the electronic document, what does one do about forms? Few document formats are as ubiquitous as the portable document format. The PDF exists across many platforms and is ideal for all kinds of different functions, including fillable forms. With some basic know-how, you may make submittable PDF forms quickly and efficiently.


Open Adobe Acrobat Professional.


In the menu bar, select "Forms" and then select "Start Form Wizard." You may choose from "No Existing Form," which lets you create a form from scratch; "A Paper Form," which allows you to scan a paper form and import it into Acrobat; and "An existing electronic document," which allows you to convert a document into a PDF form.


Select "No Existing Form." You will now be guided through the New Form Assistant, which will lead you through the process of creating a form.


Choose "Based on a Template" if you wish to base your document on a form template. Acrobat Professional has many form templates from which to choose.


Navigate through the Form Wizard. You may choose a graphic or logo for your company, enter a company or personal address, add a phone or fax number, and add a website URL. You may choose or create form fields based on the template you have chosen.


Create a "Submit" button by dragging the button from the "Object Library" in the lower right corner. If the "Object Library" window isn't visible, go to the "Windows" menu and select "Object Library." Set up your Submit button according to the parameters you desire.

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