How to Make More Space on My Laptop

By Ezekiel James

Make space on your laptop.
i laptop image by Jorge Figueiredo from

Making space on your laptop's hard drive can seem like a frustrating game of Tetris if you don't know how to clean up your disk space. Fortunately, the Windows developers were intuitive enough to create a function that nearly takes all the guesswork out of managing hard drive space. By using the Windows Disk Cleanup tool, you can rest easy knowing that you can create space on your hard drive without deleting any important system files.

Double-click the "Computer" icon on your desktop, right-click the "C: Drive" icon, select "Properties" and click "Disk Cleanup."

Select the files you want to delete from your hard drive. Windows Disk Cleanup will show you which files are OK to delete. Highlight each category for a more detailed explanation.

Select the "More Options" tab in the "Disk Cleanup" window. Click on the "Clean Up" button under the "Windows Components" menu. A list will populate of components and applications you can uninstall. Check the box next to each component or application you wish to delete, click "OK" and click the "Next" button to continue.

Follow the on-screen directions to uninstall the selected Windows components.