How to Make a Song Into an MP3 Link

by Laila Alvarez
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Sharing music you've written or podcasts you've recorded with millions of people all over the world is simply a matter of a few clicks of your computer mouse. There are so many free websites offering to host your images, videos and, of course, music that sharing content has never been easier. Simply by finding the hosting site that works best for you and uploading your MP3, your file will be a link on the Web in no time.

Step 1

Locate the MP3 song file on your computer. You may have a folder titled "My Music" in your "My Documents" folder, for example, that contains your MP3s. Find the MP3 file and remember the name of that file for easy uploading later on.

Step 2

Visit one of the many MP3 hosting sites. Check for a list of different mp3 hosting sites. Some, such Kiwi6, host only mp3s. Others, though, can host MP4s, WAV or other types of music files. Look through the sites to find the one that you trust the most. Kiwi6 and Filexoom are easy to understand and work well.

Step 3

Once you've found the MP3 hosting site you'd like to use, locate the "Upload Now" or "Browse" button on the website. Find the MP3 file on your computer to upload to the MP3 hosting website. Click "Upload" and wait for the file to upload onto the computer. You should see a progress bar to watch the upload in progress on most hosting sites.

Get the link provided by the hosting site that will go directly to the song download page or a link that will automatically download the song. This link should be provided immediately upon upload completion on the hosting site. You are now free to post that link in message boards or on a personal website to share with others. Remember to follow any copyright guidelines the song may have attached to it.


  • For linking to multiple MP3s, check which site has the most-at-one-time upload process that will take less time than doing them one by one.


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