How to Make a Slideshow Out of iFrame

By Joshua Laud

If you want to recreate the feeling of a slide show, on your website, you can do so with the help of the inline frame (IFRAME). IFRAMEs are areas of a webpage that link directly to another page. With IFRAMEs you can maintain your entire website's structure, but include, within a news post for example, a web-based slide show. This also requires a specific code in the header of each separate webpage.

Step 1

Open your webpage that you want to insert the slide show into, in Notepad.

Step 2

Locate the section of the page where you want to insert the IFRAME. Type the following code in, replacing "XXX" with the dimensions required for your frame:

Step 3

Save that page. Create a new HTML page. This is the first page of your slide show. Type out the first page of your slide show including whatever formatting you want to use. Insert into the tags, the following code:

Step 4

Replace "30" with the number of seconds you want to stay on this page of the slide show. Save this page as "firstpage.html" and save it alongside your main site.

Step 5

Repeat the HTML page creation stages for each slide in your slide show, changing the page reference each time. When you open your main page in a Web browser, the other pages will automatically load, one after another.