How to Make a Web Page Slideshow

by Alexis Lawrence

Whether your website is for business or for fun, a slideshow can add an elaborate touch to any web page. Text and photo slides can include information about your company or topic that you would like to highlight and present it in a quick, entertaining way. Making a web page for a slideshow doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. There is a very simple software that allows you to create web page slideshows for free.

Download Flash Slide Show Maker. This slideshow software makes small files that are perfect for uploading to web pages. Install the program onto your computer by following the installation screens.

Click on "Create New Project" in the first window to start making your slideshow. You will be taken into the main interface, where all of the slideshow tools are located.

Add photos to the slideshow. Click the "Add Photo" button on the top left of the screen. This will bring up a browse window, where you can search through the folders on your hard drive and locate the photos you want to add. Any photo available in a folder will come up in thumbnail form. To add a photo, click the thumbnail of the picture and then the "Open" button. The photo will appear in the side pane of the program. Once added to the program, photos can be removed by clicking on the thumbnail and pressing the "Delete" button on your keyboard.

Choose effects and transitions for each slide. To add an effect or transition to a photo, double-click the photo to open it in the editor. Effects can be selected from the menu next to "Effect." Transitions can be selected from the menu next to "Transition."

Save the slideshow. Click on "Advanced" and there will be an option to "Save." When the "Save" dialog box appears, enter a name for the slideshow and select a folder where you would like for the slideshow to save.

Alter the flash options for the slideshow. After you have created the entire slideshow, click the "Next" button to move into the "Set Flash Options" window. You can give your slideshow a title, adjust the dimensions of the frames, select the background color and the transition interval. To add music, click the button with three dots next to "Background Music," locate a music file on your hard drive and click "Open" to add it to the slideshow.

Publish the slideshow. Choose an "output folder" where the slideshow will be saved, name the file and click "Publish Now." Your completed slideshow will be saved to that folder. If you include a URL in the provided box, your slideshow will also be published to the appointed web page.


  • check Photos can also be rotated using the clockwise and counterclockwise buttons. To rotate a photo, click on it and click the clockwise or counterclockwise button to rotate the photo in that direction. Flash Slide Show Maker supports MP3, WAV and Windows Media files.

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