How to Make Shareaza Faster

By Mitchell White

Shareaza is file-sharing software that allows you to download music, movies, games and other files from other users online. Different factors can slow down Shareaza's connection speeds such as the firewall in Windows and settings inside of the program itself. If your own firewall is slowing down your connection, you can fix this problem using built-in controls in Windows. You can also change settings in Shareaza to enhance speed.

Click "Start" in Windows and select "Control Panel." Double-click "Windows Firewall."

Select the "Exceptions" tab. Scroll down to Shareaza and check the box next to the entry. if there's no entry there, click "Add program" and double-click Shareaza to add it to the list. Click "OK."

Open Shareaza. Click "Tools" in the main screen and select "Shareaza settings" from the list that appears.

Select "Download" under "Internet" on the left-hand side of the "Settings" menu. Click on "Total Download Bandwidth" and select "MAX" to make sure you're running Shareaza at full speed.