How to Make Two Pictures Seem Like One by Cropping

By Alex Lubyansky

You can alter images in many ways using the cropping feature with photo editing software. For example, you may want to take two pictures and merge them into one. You could take a picture of yourself and crop it so that you can appear to be in a photo with a celebrity. A plethora of photo editing software exists, but you can achieve the task in a similar manner by using any of them.

Download and install photo editing software, such as Microsoft Paint, Photoshop or Microsoft Photo Editor (see Resources).

Find two pictures that line up nicely. The photos you select depends on how realistic you wish the final image to appear. If you want the most realistic appearance possible, look for images that have similar backgrounds. The ideal example would be two images with a blank white background behind a person.

Crop the first photo. Use the cropping tool in your photo editing software to cut the image to the desired size. If you wish to cut two images of people together, crop the first image as if only one person appeared in the image.

Crop the second photo. Use the cropping tool to remove the person from the second photo. Merge the first photo with the second by using the copy/paste functionality. Use resizing to line the pictures up if necessary. Hold down the "Shift" key while you resize to retain the integrity of the image's scale. You now have a picture that seems like one that really was two pictures at first. Save the image.