How to Make an SD Card Reader

by Steven Diggs, Jr.

Memory cards including SD cards are used in small electronic devices like digital cameras and camcorders. If your computer does not have an SD card reader and you want to access the data on an SD card, you can get an external reader to read it. This reader will connect into your computer through the USB port and the card will function just like a flash drive or other storage drive.

Step 1

Point the SD card's metal connectors downward.

Step 2

Place the SD card into the external SD card reader.

Step 3

Connect the SD card reader's USB cable with the computer's USB port.

Click "Computer" under the "Start" menu. Double-click the SD card drive. Move, copy or delete any files that you want.


  • Use the SD card reader on any computer with a USB port.


  • If you do not defragment your SD card for more than a year, the files will access slower than usual.

Items you will need

  • External SD card reader

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