How to Make a School Club Flyer

by Suzanne Fyhrie Parrott
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The least expensive way to create a school club flyer is using your favorite word processing program. One-page flyers are easy to create and are perfect for announcing a club event. Making the headline visible from a short distance, as well as printing on bright colored paper will help draw attention. Consider adding one image to create a mood. The club flyer must include location, cost, contact information, date, time, and whether the club meeting is for a fundraiser, member drive or party.

Step 1

Open a new word document and set the page margins to a minimum of 1/2-inch. Do not set the page for a bleed, as most printers cannot print to the paper edge.

Step 2

Create a short, catchy headline and place in the top center of the page. Include strong words such as "extra", "discover" or "free" to attract attention. Use a bold, heavy font about 54 point in size.

Step 3

Write details of the school club event from the perspective of the reader using "you" and "your." Use an easy to read font, such as Times. Keep your sentences short and succinct. Place the information under the headline.

Step 4

Use bullet points to highlight the location, date, time and cost of the school club event. Include a telephone number or contact information using a large, bold font.

Use one large graphic for the purpose of the event. Place the image at the bottom right or left, allowing the copy to flow around the graphic, if necessary.


  • Avoid using big words or providing too much information.
  • Avoid using too many images.
  • Do not use more than two typefaces.
  • Avoid using the words "us", "I", "we" or "our."


  • Use legally obtained clip art or photos.
  • Keep the design simple and to the point.
  • Organize your content using borders, boxes, or areas of contrast.
  • Proofread all information before printing.
  • Use shades of gray or a border to add interest.


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