How to Make a Schedule Online

by Kayla Lowe

Making schedules is a nifty trick that many people employ to help juggle their busy lives. Scheduling ensure that you stay on task and do not forget to complete anything, especially something important. Traditionally, you would have to manually write a schedule into a daily planner, calendar or simply on a piece of paper. Thanks to modern technology, though, you can now quickly and easily make a schedule online that is directly accessible from your computer, or you may print it out to take with you everywhere.

Navigate to an online schedule generator, such as "KeepandShare."

Click on "Create a Schedule" to load the schedule building tool.

Select your schedule format by clicking on "Calendar" for a calendar layout or "To Do" for a to-do list layout.

Click within a text box to position your cursor for typing in a task.

Click on "Save" to save your schedule, "Download" to download it to your computer or "Print" to print it.


  • check Select a blank format to create your own completely customized schedule format or create your schedule by the day, week, month or year.


  • close Beware of losing your schedule by clicking out of the browser window before saving it; save your schedule periodically to prevent loss in the event of a technical difficulty.

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