How to Make Scanned Documents a Smaller Bit Size (4 Steps)

By Robert Schrader

You can make scanned documents a smaller bit size to send the documents to others more quickly and easy via email. When you scan a document onto your computer using a flatbed scanner, the size -- in terms of physical dimensions and "bit size," or the amount of space the document takes up on the computer's hard drive -- is generally larger than necessary for the document's recipient to make use of the document. Since the process for adjusting scan settings for scanners varies from device to device, the surest way of reducing bit size is to reduce the size of the image itself.

Step 1

Scan the document as usual with your scanner. Save the document in "JPG" format when prompted to save the image onto your computer.

Step 2

Open the Windows "Start" menu and choose "Paint." Select the "Open" icon from the top navigation bar, then navigate to your scanned image and click the "Open" button.

Step 3

Choose "Resize" from the "Image" pane, then tick the "Maintain Aspect Ratio" within the "Resize and Reskew" pane. Input a percentage into either of the boxes that contain the number "100" -- since you maintained the aspect ratio, changing one changes both. If you want to decrease the image's bit size by 50 percent, for example, input "50" into the box. Choose "OK."

Step 4

Select "Save As" from the "Paint" menu, then click the "Save" button. You original scanned image has now been replaced by one of a smaller bit size, permitting you to send it more easily and quickly to its intended recipient.