How to Make a Sales Analysis on a Spreadsheet

By Felicia Blue

You have to attend a meeting in the afternoon. Your manager has emailed you the sales figures from last month and wants you to create a sales analysis spreadsheet. However, the manager wants you to produce a chart to display these figures. Luckily, there are not a lot of numbers for you to type. You know how to create a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, but creating a chart is foreign to you. There's no need to panic. You can produce a professional sales analysis spreadsheet in no time. Just perform the following steps:

How to produce a sales analysis spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel

Create a new Excel spreadsheet. Create a new spreadsheet. Type or import your data. Click on the cell that has the data you want to show in a chart format.

Set up how you want to present your chart. On the Standard toolbar, click on the "Chart Wizard" icon. The Chart Wizard window shows the chart types on the left side and the chart sub-type samples on the right side. Click on the chart type you want to use and select the chart sub-type. Click on the "Press and Hold to View Sample" button to see a preview of your chart. Click on "Next" to go to the next window.

Choose the format on how you want to display your data. Select "Rows" if you want to show your data in rows. Otherwise, select "Columns" if you want to display the data in a column format. Click the "Next" button.

Select your chart options. This window consists of the following five tabs: Titles, Axes, Gridlines, Legend, Data Labels and Data Table. Go to each tab, and create your selections. Then click "Next."

Create your chart locations. Choose the "As new sheet" option if you want to insert your sales analysis chart into a new worksheet. Click the "As object in" option if you want to place the chart on your current worksheet. Click "Finish."