How to Make an RSPS Bot

By Matt Scheer

"RuneScape" Private Servers (RSPS) offer many situations where you would want to use a bot to perform the tedious task that you would have to do over and over again. When chopping trees in Edgeville or Rimmington, making fire at the Grand Exchange or cooking at Al Kharid, why not get a bot to do it? A bot is a script that performs an automated task. Although creating one from scratch requires programming expertise, there are many bot makers, or "autoers," available for "RuneScape" for free online.

Step 1

Download the bot maker you wish to use for your "RuneScape" bot. Search the link in the Resources section for the right bot maker. To get a feel for how they work, choose a macros program, such as AutoHotKey, which lets you create the automated tasks your character is to perform over and over again, and then does those tasks for you.

Step 2

Open the autoer macros program.

Step 3

Log into your "RuneScape" Private Server account.

Step 4

Travel to a place in your RSPS where you wish to perform a task over and over again. Fishing, cooking, making fire, chopping wood and farming are good options. Only choose a place that has no monsters nearby; your character may die if attacked while it is controlled by the bot, because the bot is not smart enough to attack back.

Step 5

Practice performing the task you wish to automate. Keep track of the sequence of your mouse clicks. Make the last action in the sequence the same as the first so that it creates a loop.

Step 6

Return to the macros program. Press the "Record" button. Return to the RSPS screen. Perform the task you to have automated as quickly and flawlessly as you can. Press the "Stop" button on the macros program when you have finished. Set the macros to run continuously and watch your character perform the task over and over, collecting fish, trees, experience or another commodity.