How to Make a Recovery Disk for a Toshiba

by William Nagel

Creating a recovery disk for your Toshiba computer will allow you to restore system files and revert your computer to a previous state in the event your computer crashes. Toshiba computers come with an application that will burn a recovery disk to a blank CD or DVD.


Open the Recovery Disc Creator. Select “All Programs” from the “Start” menu and click on the “Recovery Disc Creator” entry to start the application.


Choose “CD” if you will be using blank CDs to create your recovery disc. Choose “DVD” if you will be using blank DVDs to create your recovery disc. The application will tell you how many blank discs you will need to have ready during the creation process.


Select which recovery items you want to copy to the recovery disc. The Recovery Disc Creator will present you with a list of recovery options that can be included on the recovery disc; choosing certain options will increase the number of blank discs you need, but will also widen the scope of which files will be recovered.


Click the “Burn” button to begin the creation process.


Insert new blank discs when the computer prompts you to swap discs. Follow any on-screen directions while the burn process is active.


Click “Finish” when the disc creation process is complete to close the Recovery Disc Creator.


  • check If you need to use more than one blank disc during the creation process, label each disc in numerical order to avoid confusion.

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