How to Make a Private or Secret File on Drop Box

By Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Dropbox is an online storage and sharing system. When you install Dropbox, it creates a "Public" and "Photos" folder on your computer. The files inside both of these folders are public. If you want to make a file private to everyone but you, you'll need to create a new folder. The files will be accessible in your online Dropbox management system, but other users won't be able to download them.

Step 1

Open the Start menu, and select "Computer." Open your primary hard drive, and click on "Users."

Step 2

Click on your user name, then click on "Dropbox." Inside you'll see two folders: Public and Photos.

Step 3

Right click the folder background, and select "New," then "Folder." Name the folder "Private."

Step 4

Drag and drop the files you want to keep private into the "Private" folder. These files will now be accessible by you on your online Dropbox account, but other users will not be able to view or download them.