How to Make & Print Invitation Postcards

by Randall Shatto

Inviting friends and family to a special gathering requires invitations. Printing your own invitations can be less expensive than purchasing them. You can personalize the invitations by using clip art or photographs appropriate to the occasion.

Design Process

Open Microsoft Word. Click on the "Start" menu, go to "All Programs" and open the folder, "Microsoft Word."

Open "Page Layout" in the top toolbar. Change the size of the document in "Page Size." Choose, "Size," "More Paper Sizes" then the tag "Margins." All margins are set to zero. In addition, select "Landscape" in this section. Click the "Page" tab; change the "Width" to 8 inches and the "Height" to 5 inches. Press, "Ok."

Choose the option, "Page Background." Select a stock theme color, create your own style by using the "More Color" choice or choose a stock texture by selecting "Fill Effects." In "Fill Effects," you have the option to personalize the invitation postcard with a picture from your files.

Use different colors for the front of the postcard. Select, "Insert" then choose "Shapes" under the "Illustration" label. You can experiment with different shapes to make your own design and color scheme. Once you have the shape on the front of the postcard, you can create 3D effects, shading or shadowing. This can personalize the invitation even further.

Add text to the front of the postcard. Since this is the front, a small greeting is necessary. However, the bulk of the message should be on the back of the postcard. Click, "Home" then choose a "Font" for your greeting. You can decide on "Palace Script MT" for elegance or "Castellar" for style. Change the "Font Color" by clicking on the letter with a color band underneath. When you begin writing the text for the back of the invitation postcard, include all information such as location, time and date.

Save your work by clicking on the disk icon on the top of the screen. Choose, "Front Invitation Postcard" as the title. Close the document. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for the back of the postcard.


Set up your color printer. You should have a driver's disk ready that belongs with your printer. Read the manual and the disk on-screen instructions for proper setup. All color printers have different techniques for installing the drivers.

Load the postcard paper in the printer.

Open the "Front Invitation Postcard" document. Click on the "Office" button in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Select "Print." Choose the number of copies and "Pages Per Sheet." Check the name of the printer to guarantee that it is set up correctly. Then choose, "Ok."

Reverse the postcard and place it back in the printer. Open the "Back Postcard" document and repeat step 3.

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