How to Make the Print Bigger in Outlook Express

by Jay Leon

The default font size in Windows applications is not always the best for everyone. Many users find that they need to enlarge the text to make it easier to read. If you or another person who shares the computer with you has difficulty reading Outlook Express email with small or medium print, change the font display size. Outlook Express lets you adjust the font size for received messages as well as mail that you send.

Option 1


Click "Tools" in the menu bar near the top of the Outlook Express window. Click "Options" to open the "Options" dialog box.


Click the "Read" tab when the "Options" dialog box opens. Click the "Fonts" button.


Click the "Fonts Size" drop-down list. Click an option from "Smallest" to "Largest." Click "OK."


Click "OK" again to return to the main Outlook Express window.

Option 2


Double-click any message in the "Inbox" or other folder in Outlook Express.


Click "View" in the menu bar in the message window. Click "Text Size."


Click the font size you prefer. Outlook Express offers five font sizes from "Smallest" to "Largest." Pick "Largest" to make the print as large as possible.

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