How to Make a Powerpoint Template

by Joanne Mendes

Creating an effective PowerPoint presentation can be hard and time consuming. Once you have designed a presentation slide that is both informational and pleasing to the eye, it is a good idea to save the layout design as a template. This allows you to save the basic design layout while adding new information and graphics to create new PowerPoint presentations.


Open PowerPoint and click "File" on the Menu bar and choose "New." Choose "Blank Presentation" and click "OK." Choose the template's layout and click "OK."


Click "View" on the main tool bar, then roll the mouse over "Master" and choose "Slide Master."


Add a background color to the PowerPoint template by clicking "Format" and clicking "Background." Choose a color from the pull-down menu and click "Apply."


Add text to the PowerPoint template by clicking in the preferred area and begin typing. Change font type, size and color using the text options on the tool bar.


Insert the graphic in the PowerPoint template by clicking the "Insert" tab on the Menu bar. Select either a clip art image or an image already saved on the computer.


Click "File" and choose "Save As" to save the template. Type in a name for the template and choose "Design Template" from the pull-down menu. Click "Save."


  • check After you create and save your PowerPoint template, it can be accessed under the General tab in the New Presentation box.

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