How to Make a Podcast Using a Powerpoint

By Tara Duggan

Create a podcast using PowerPoint to communicate a message.
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Use podcasts (a series of digital media files typically viewed or listened to on portable media devices such as an iPod) to broadcast your message such as announcements, news or training topics. You can make a simple podcast using PowerPoint by creating your slides, recording narration, saving the files as a shows and uploading the files to share them with your audience. Use Really Simple Syndication feeds to notify your users about recent publications, allowing users to create their own personal on demand broadcasts.

Step 1

Open a new PowerPoint blank presentation. Click the top text box and enter a title, such "Welcome to Orientation." Click the bottom text to enter a sub-title, such as "Getting Started."

Step 2

Click the "New Slide" button in the "Slides" block of the "Home" menu. Click the top text box and enter a title. Click the bottom box to add a table, chart, graphic, picture, clip art or media clip.

Step 3

Record your narration by clicking the "Record Narration" button from the "Set Up" tab of the "Slide Show" menu. Click the "OK" button to verify your current recording quality. Click the "Current Slide" button to begin recording on the current slide. Keep your microphone no more than five inches away from your mouth and use your normal speaking voice. Speak slowly and clearly, particularly if your audience does not speak English as their first language. Click the ESC key to indicate you have concluded recording. Click the "Save" button to save your recording.

Step 4

Save your file as a PowerPoint show by click the "Microsoft Office" button and then the "Save As" option. Click the "PowerPoint Show" option.

Step 5

Upload your file to a location where users can download your podcast. For example, websites such as allow you to store and share your files securely. You can also allow your users to use an RSS aggregator program (such as the free RSS feeder offered by the website) to collect updates and alert them when you upload new podcats. For example, viewers can subscribe to your folder's RSS feeds.