How to Make Free Pie Charts

by Elizabeth Stover

Creating a pie chart with the best spreadsheet programs available sometimes becomes cumbersome when a simple and quick pie chart is needed. Choose one of the available online chart and graph creators for a quick and easy pie chart you can print or save. Have your data ready. After making a few choices and creating a title, enter your data. Complete the entire pie chart project in minutes.

Find one of the many free graph-creating sites online or choose one from the list below. Some sites offer more than one type of graph. After creating your pie chart, the site even offers the option to send the data to another type of chart where you can preview it to see which provides the most effective model of your data.

Begin making your free pie chart in much the same way on every site. Some may have you choose how many slices of pie in the chart first, then choose attributes such as colors or the other way around. The steps remain mostly consistent whatever the order. The site listed below offers the most features and choices.

Choosing the colors, shading and attributes such as whether to make the chart look three-dimensional or not appears early in your options when creating the free pie chart. You may want to consider your data before choosing colors. Decide whether certain colors enhance the chart. For instance, if charting fruit choices, the banana section should probably be yellow if that option exists.

Next, choose the placement of the legend and create a meaningful title for the graph. Legend placement choices usually include on which side to place the legend text. Only the site offers a way to change the font, colors and background for text. The rest simply offer a place in which to type your title.

Consider your data and enter the number of slices for your pie chart. Next, enter labels for each category of data and the number of data for each slice. You may be given the option of how you wish the data displayed, such as percentage, value or label. Some sites simply display with percentage labeled.

Preview your chart to be sure the data and labels display correctly. Make any necessary corrections, then preview again. Once satisfied with the results, choose from the options available. Various options offer printing, downloading or e-mailing the finished pie chart.


  • check Download a free software program, such as the one listed below at, if you wish to have quick and easy pie chart-making software loaded on your computer.

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