How to Make Pictures Using Numbers & Letters (3 Steps)

By Mitchell White

When you make pictures using characters like letters and numbers on your keyboard, it's known as "ASCII art." You can generate your own ASCII art pictures by using some free tools available online. ASCII art sites let you upload a picture in a format like GIF, JPEG or BMP and convert it into an ASCII art picture made up of letters and numbers that you can post to any medium that accepts text online.

Step 1

Visit the Glass Giant ASCII Art generator website (see Resources). Select the maximum width and font size you want; the default is "80" and "small." Click "Choose file" to upload the picture you want, then "Send" to create the art from letters and numbers.

Step 2

Navigate to the site Make ASCII (see Resources). Click "Choose file" to upload the picture you want to use as a source. Type in specific numbers and letters you want to use under "User defined characters" if you want the pictures to be restricted to just those characters. Click "Create ASCII Image" to make the picture.

Step 3

Go to the "Type Organism" website (see Resources). Click "Upload image." Use the "Choose file" button to upload the image you want. Type in a name for the image in the box and click "Submit" to create the art.