How to Make Pictures Change Color

by Shreya Mehta

Computer animated graphics have been widely popular. There are many picture animation software programs available on the market to create dazzling effects. These graphics are used in many applications and websites such as MySpace and Twitter. Making pictures change colors is a cool effect that will instantly make the picture stand out more and grab the user's attention. Learn how to easily create an animation of a picture cycling through various colors on Animator.

Go to the Animator website:

Upload a photo from your computer, or enter the URL of an image.

Go to the Animation menu and select "Color Cycle Animation."

Check off any other animation effects you would like, such as "Color Pencil Sketch" or "Cartoon." In the Color Cycle: List Colors field, list all of the colors you would like the picture to cycle through. Separate each color with a comma.

Click on the "Create Animation" button. The animated picture changing colors will appear on the screen. You can save this image on your computer as a gif by right clicking on the picture and selecting "Save Picture As."


  • check You can view a full color chart with names for reference by clicking on the "All Color Names" link in Step 4 next to the List Colors field.

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