How to Make Your Pictures Blink & Change

By Ealisa Adams

You can animate face shots with special software.
i face to face image by Melanie von Snarly from

Animation can add fun to average stand-still pictures. By making your picture blink and change, you can create an entertaining memory that you can post on your blog or profile and share with friends.

Step 1

Navigate your Web browser to (see Resources). This website allows you to create animated pictures that blink and change, without any sort of experience needed.

Step 2

Click "Browse" and locate the picture you want to animate. You can do this up to nine more times. After you insert three pictures, you will need to click on the "One more picture" button to add the rest of your photos.

Step 3

Determine how large you want your finished animated picture to be. Click to select the size you want. If the picture will be for your blog or profile, choose one of the smaller sizes. If you will be sharing the picture with your friends and family, you may want a larger size.

Step 4

Establish how fast you want your picture to blink and change. Click to select the speed you want. If you want the picture to change fast, then choose the fast option. If you want a very slow change so it runs like a slide show, then choose a slower setting.

Step 5

Click on the "Continue" button. It may take a few minutes for the next page to load because the software is processing your pictures.

Step 6

Share your picture. Click on the appropriate button to share your photo on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or another website. You can also click on the link to download the picture to your computer. Once you download it, you can email it to your family and friends.