How to Make Pictures Bigger on Google Docs

by ContributorUpdated May 12, 2020
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Knowing how to manipulate images in Google Documents is a basic skill set that increases your ability to design professional-looking documents and share them online. However, care is needed because making pictures bigger has a negative effect on the resolution quality of photos. If stretched too far, images can appear pixelated, grainy or colorless.

Google Documents

Insert an image. From the document menu select "Insert" and then "Image." Select an image or enter the URL of a picture saved online.

Photo pasted into Google doc.

Hover over the lower right-hand corner of the image. Press the left mouse key and hold it. Dragging it carefully diagonally will enlarge the image while keeping it proportional.

Enlarging image in Google doc by dragging diagonally.

Drag the frame of the image to increase the size. Pulling to the right will make the image wider, pulling downward will make it longer.

Making image wider in Google doc.
Widened image in Google doc.
Making image longer in Google doc.
Elongated image in Google doc.

Click the body of the document, away from the image, to deselect the frame.


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