How to Make a Picture Smaller in Pixels

By Louise Balle

Pixels are the many dots that make up a digital image. If you were to magnify a picture you're viewing on your computer, you'd eventually start to see each individual pixel that makes up the picture. If you have a photo-editing program, you can reduce the file size of a picture by lowering the number of pixels per inch.

Use Adobe Photoshop to make a picture smaller in pixels. Once you open the picture in Photoshop, you can use the "Image Size" option under the "Image" menu to reduce the pixels per inch. In Photoshop, you can save the new, smaller image as a separate file and then compare the two (higher and lower number of pixels) side by side in the program. It is also simple to undo your choice and restore your photo to its original number of pixels before saving the file.

Upload the picture to the PiccyFix website to make it smaller. The "Rotate/Resize ONLY" option allows you to modify the pixels. After uploading your photo, you can type in the exact number of pixels you want for the newly edited version. View the smaller picture in your browser, and then choose to either transfer it to an online gallery or save it.

Reduce the number of pixels using the Shrink Pictures image resizer. This tool allows you to change the pixels in a photo by uploading it to your browser. You can select from preset pixel sizes or type in your own new pixel count. If you want to change the size of many different pictures, use the BatchPhoto tool.