How to Make a Picture Slideshow on a Mac

by K.C. Winslow

Create a picture slideshow on a Mac using the included iPhoto application. This photo library manager offers a number of ways to display images, including as a slideshow with a design theme, music and slide transitions. Make a picture slideshow by choosing an event, photo album, book or group of images in iPhoto.

Go to the "Applications" folder and double-click the "iPhoto" icon.

Open the "File" menu and select "Import to Library" if the images you want to use in the slideshow are not currently in the iPhoto library. Select the folder or individual images in the "Import Photos" window and click "Import."

Select the images for the slideshow from the library by clicking on an event, book or group or by clicking on multiple images in the iPhoto library. Hold down the "Command" key to select multiple images.

Click the circular "Slideshow" button on the bar at the bottom of the window.

Click on a theme in the pop-up window to select it. Hover the cursor over a theme to see a preview.

Click "Music" in the pop-up window. Select a source and choose a song or use the "Custom Playlist for Slideshow" option to make a multi-song playlist.

Click "Settings" in the pop-up window. Adjust the settings for the amount of time each slide is on the screen, changing the slideshow length to fit the music and showing the image titles during the slideshow.

Save the slideshow settings, if desired, by putting a check mark in the box next to "Use settings as default."

Press "Play" to view the slideshow. Move ahead manually by clicking the thumbnail images. Pause the slideshow by clicking on the slideshow area.

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