How to Make Your Photos Into Pop Art for Free Online

By Joanna Polisena

Combine multiple images and effects to create original pop art photos.
i Keith Levit/Keith Levit Photography/Getty Images

You can make you favorite photograph into pop art for free online. Using Web-based software, you can turn landscapes, portraits or other images into stylized popular art for avatars, canvas prints, greeting cards and other digital projects. These applications convert your standard photograph using filters and other visual effects to mimic famous art, comics or ads.

Pop Art Effects

The many styles of popular art you’ll find in online photo conversion tools include comic art and Warhol style. Online conversion tools provide an automated image editing process that transforms your photo with a few clicks. Some provide multiple options and settings for you to select. While conversion tools are fast and generally simple to use, you may have to look to free online photo editors and tutorials in order to gain more freedom in stylizing your image. Photo editors often have filters and effects that can help you take additional popular art styles, such as found object and collage images.

Free, Quick Converters

Most converters have a three-step process, although the first couple steps may reverse: Upload your image, select style or option and convert. The Pictomizer also allows you to select a quote option to display on your pop art image. AnyMaking’s Pop Art Photo Maker converts your image in one step: Upload your image. After upload, the converted image displays on the screen with options that allow you to change the layout and colors. Ezimba’s Pop Art converter allows you to upload images from your computer, a Web server or your webcam. When you want a comic look, try Cartoon or Picture to People’s Cartoon Photo Maker (links in Resources).

BeFunky Photo Editor

In addition to being a free online photo editor that you can use to apply a custom pop art style, BeFunky Photo Editor offers free Pop Art effects you can apply to your photograph. Import your photograph from your computer or social networks, then click an effect in the Pop Art category to preview it. Tweak the settings to your liking and apply them to your picture. Several Pop Art effects are free, but others have a cost associated with them. Apply your own style using the available editing, touch-up and formatting tools, you can also use the built-in clipart and textures. When you’re finished, you can print or save your pop art photograph for free. BeFunky is also available for Apple and Android devices (link in Resources).

Pixlr Editors, Effects and Filters

The free online photo editor Pixlr Express, also available for Apple and Android mobile devices, offers customizable creative effects to add style, color and layouts to your photograph. Upload your image, select your effect, and then save or print your image. For more creative control, use the Pixlr Editor. This online photo-editing tool allows you to add layers, apply filters and adjust the image settings. Add found objects from free online image databases, such as All-Free-Download, MorgueFile and, and you are limited only by your imagination (links in Resources).