How to Make a Phone Ring Without an Incoming Call

By Faizah Imani

Use software to make fake incoming calls to your phone.
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When you are in an awkward social situation and need to get away without being rude, you can use your smart phone to bail you out. You can use special software applications on your phone to schedule a fake incoming call. The screen of your smart phone will display the incoming call as if it is a real call. Once the call comes in you can answer it, or at least pretend to answer, and carry on a fake conversation for as long as necessary.

Access the app store on your smart phone device. Access the iTunes App Store for an iPhone. Access BlackBerry App World for a BlackBerry. Access the Android Market for an Android phone.

Locate an application in the app store that will allow you to fake incoming calls. Some apps will cost you; others may be free. A few of the apps that will allow you to fake incoming calls are Fake-A-Call, GottaGo and Premium Fake My Call.

Install an application on your smart phone that will allow you to fake an incoming call.

Access the application settings on your smart phone. For instructions on accessing the settings for the application, refer to the application instructions. Every app is different.

Configure the application settings to activate your fake incoming call. For example, you can type the name you want to display on your phone's caller ID, the telephone number and how long before the call comes in. For example, you can schedule the fake call to activate in 10 seconds, one minute or five minutes.

Put your phone away and act as if you don't know what is about to happen. Wait for the phone to ring.