How to Make A Phone Number Unknown on Galaxy S4

by Nick Peers
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The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone enables you to hide your phone number when you place a call. The Hide Number feature helps you protect your phone number if you are calling a stranger or if you don't want to be called back. The feature can be turned on directly on the phone and is carrier-independent. The recipient will see an "Unknown Caller" or "Unknown Number" message instead of your phone number, but don't forget to turn off the feature if you want to place regular phone calls. Using the Hide Number feature is free.

Step 1

Press the Home button to return to the Home screen and then tap "Phone" to launch the Phone app.

Step 2

Press the Menu key to expand the menu and then tap "Call settings" to view all settings related to calls.

Step 3

Tap "Additional Settings" to view the additional settings and then tap "Caller ID" to display the caller ID dialog box.

Tap "Hide Number" to make your phone number unknown and then press the "Home" key to return to the Home screen.


  • Information in this article applies to the Samsung Galaxy S4. Procedures may vary with other versions or products.


  • To disable the "Hide Number" feature, tap "Network Default" or "Show number" instead of "Hide Number."
  • To hide the number for a single call, type "*67" before the phone number and tap "Call."


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