How to Make a Phone Book in Access

by Qiana Eaglin
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Microsoft Access is a database that you can use to create a personal phone book. In Access, a phone book is a report you can customize to display the contact information for your family, friends, and business associates. You can customize your phone book to include such information as first name, last name, address, phone numbers, and email address.

Access 2007 supplies you with several templates that make it easier for you to create a phone book. You can use a template as is or modify it to meet your specific requirements.

Step 1

Open Access by clicking "Start" > "Programs" > "Microsoft Office" > "Microsoft Office Access 2007." This will open the Getting Started with Microsoft Office Access window.

Step 2

Click "Contacts" under the Featured Online Templates section.

Step 3

Specify a file name for your address book, and then click "Download." This will display the Getting Started with Contacts window.

Step 4

Close the Getting Started with Contacts window unless you want to view the videos listed.

Step 5

Click "New Contact." In the Contact Detail window, on the "General" tab, type information about your contact, such as their first name, last name, address, and phone number. You can also indicate one of the following categories for the contact: personal, business, or family.

Step 6

Click "Save and New" to continue specifying names and contact information you want to include in your phone book. When you are done specifying contacts, click "Save and Close."

Step 7

Use the column headings to arrange your contacts as you want to view them in the database. Note that they will appear in alphabetical order, based on the contact name, in your phone book.

Double-click "Phone Book" to create and view your phone book.


  • Click the "Browse" button and specify a directory to save your address book to a location other than the default location.
  • Watch the videos in the Getting Started window to learn more about the contacts database. The videos available for you to view are "Using the Contact Management Database" and "Modifying the Contacts Management Database."
  • If you have an Address Book with contact information in Microsoft Outlook, you can import one or more contacts by clicking "Add From Outlook".


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