How to Make it So People Can Find Me on Google

By Laurie Rappeport

You can help people find you on Internet people searches with some Google tools.
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Have you ever fantasized about receiving a message from a long-lost friend who found you through the Internet? If you have, you should know that so many people share that desire to find past acquaintances that people-finding websites have become a significant Internet industry. If you want to reconnect with old friends, you can search the Internet, and you can also create opportunities for others to find you through an Internet search. Google has many tools to help advance the process.

Create a Google profile. Go to the Google Profiles page and create a profile that will facilitate the Internet searches conducted by old friends and acquaintances. Enter your name, nicknames, former or maiden name, and general information that will allow someone to track you down. Include information about schools where you have studied, businesses where you have worked and locations where you have lived. Make sure the profile includes your contact information so people can get in touch with you once they find you.

Build a website with Google Sites. Open the Google Sites homepage and click "Create new site." Choose a template and theme and enter the security code to create a website. Build the website with as much information about yourself as possible, including your name, any previous or alternate names, information about your past schools, work, and family and friends. Insert your current contact information. When you finish inserting all relevant text and photos, click "Create Site" to upload the site to the Internet. Having your site will increase your web presence and the chances that someone will find you through an Internet search.

Increase your presence on Google-affiliated sites. Create a blog on Blogspot, upload videos, under your name, to Youtube and build a profile on Orkut. These actions will increase the chances that information about you will appear on a Google search of your name. Make sure that all these sites include your contact information so a searcher can contact you when she finds you.