How to Make a PDF File of a Logo

By Elise Wile

Making a PDF file of a logo is surprisingly easy and is essential for most web designers. Once you've done it, you'll be able to easily send the logos you create to clients, make them available for download, or attach them to emails in a format that almost everyone can open. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This means that your PDF logo will be much more accessible to people who don't have the same software you used to create the logo. Making a PDF file is also inexpensive. You won't have to spend one dollar on software in order to transform your logo into a versatile PDF file.

Step 1

Locate some freeware that enables you to create PDF files from documents (see link in Resources). This freeware can also be found easily with a search for "PDF writer." There are plenty of free applications, so do not pay for PDF software or upgrades of the PDF freeware, because you won't need them to make a PDF file of a logo.

Step 2

Download the freeware to your computer. Check to see if there is anything bundled with the freeware that you do not want. If so, uncheck that option or download your PDF freeware from another source.

Step 3

Install the PDF writer freeware. Restart your computer if prompted by the installer.

Step 4

Open the application you made the logo in, and open the logo. Go to the "Print" menu. Select the PDF writer as the printer.

Step 5

Print your logo. Instead of physically printing to a printer, it will "print" to a PDF document, which you can then open, save and use as necessary. Each time you need to make a PDF document for any reason, all you will need to do is select the PDF writer as your printer.